Income Planning

Guaranteed Income is the most important piece of a sound retirement plan. Americans have realized that Social Security may not be there when we need it, and that Wall Street cannot be trusted with anything that we are not willing to lose. Retirement income is far too important to leave to chance.

Why Your Advisor’s AUM Fee Means No Income For You!

The chart below shows the benefits of one of the best income producing accounts on the market today, offered by a top-notch A-Rated company that specializes in safe investments for retirees. It includes a 10% up-front principle bonus, and allows you to maintain ownership of the account’s cash value after you begin receiving income. The following projection shows how much income a 65 year old with $125,000 to invest is guaranteed.

Client: James Sample
Age: 65
State: Pennsylvania
Intial Premium: $125,000       10% Premium Bonus: $12,500
Beginning Cash Value: $147,500
Income Accumulation %: 7%
Single or Joint Life: Single
Cost of Living Increase: 3%
Income Account
Guaranteed Annual Payment
1 66 $147,125.00 $7,356.25
2 67 $157,423.75 $7,871.19
3 68 $168,443.41 $8,422.17
4 69 $180,234.45 $9,011.72
5 70 $192,850.86 11,571.05
6 71 $206,350.42 $12,381.03
7 72 $220,794.95 $13,247.70
8 73 $236,250.60 $14,175.04
9 74 $252,788.14 $15,167.29
10 75 $270,483.31 $16,229.00

* At age 71 you could lock in a guaranteed annual payment of 12,381.03. That amount will grow by 3% per year to keep up with inflation, and these payments are guaranteed for as long as you live. (This would be perfect for an IRA since at 71 you are forced to take income anyway.)

If your current plan does not offer Income Guarantees like the above account. Contact us today to find out how insure that your Retirement Income gets delivered when you need, and that no one takes a bite out of it before it gets there.

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